Motion: Surrey Space Centre (SSC)

UCU Surrey Notes:

  • The proposal to move Surrey Space Centre (SSC) to the School of Maths and Physics was announced in September 2023 with a very short consultation period.
  • The rationale was shallow and did not include a detailed long term plan for how the move would assure SSC’s long term sustainability and growth.
  • The manner in which the move has been handled is not to anyone’s approval.

UCU Surrey Believes:

  • The reasons for the move of SSC have not been made known and are a result of a knee jerk reaction to recent circumstances.
  • The move will have substantial impact on the long term reputation of SSC and Electronic Engineering at the University.
  • The move will not best support the delivery and development of our courses in Astronautics and Space Engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

UCU Surrey Resolves:

  • To form an open letter to the executive board expressing concern about the mishandling of the process.
  • To write to the chair of council and invite them to a meeting to discuss concerns raised.
  • To demand that the FEPS Executive Board work with members and staff through deeper consultation and negotiation on the best solution for long term sustainability and growth of SSC.
  • To submit a Freedom of Information request for minutes of meetings and communications regarding the proposed move prior to consultation.

[Passed at a quorate branch meeting 27.11.23]