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Results of indicative ballot

The UCU Surrey response to the Standard Allocation Framework for Teaching and Academic Staff (STAF) currently being proposed by the University is pretty clear cut . “Go back to the drawing board – this framework will not work!” . Staff are particularly mindful of the impact such a framework will have on our ability to maintain our current high level of teaching standards and student satisfaction.

Here are the results of an indicative ballot on our response to the staff and a series of propositions about what an effective framework might include.

Standard Teaching Allocation Framework – UCU Surrey Ballot

Teaching allocation survey: please give us your views

Following the recent announcement of proposals for teaching allocation, UCU reps would like to get a more accurate measure of the views of our membership in order to communicate these back to management.

Please complete the following survey:


The survey will remain open until the 26th of January: we have a meeting with HR about teaching allocation on the 27th of January. At a meeting yesterday UCU reps asked for more time to gather views and opinions on this issue.

The link to the original proposals is:  http://www.surrey.ac.uk/surreynet/news/2015/138703_update_on_project_to_look_at_teaching_allocations_across_the_university.htm

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