Equality Issues


UCU has put equality at the heart of its activities on behalf of its members.


UCU – Disability and the coronavirus

Disabled people face many challenges in the workplace and the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic will bring further additional challenges and barriers for disabled people at work. Many may have a compromised immune system leaving them more susceptible to getting an infection, while those with a mental health issue may at this time feel increased levels of anxiety and stress


UCU Equality issues during Covid-19

The current Covid-19 pandemic has raised a number equality issues and concerns. We have put together some information that you may find useful as you navigate through understanding your rights and responsibilities and in seeking support.


UCU guidance: caring for the carers

A new guide aimed at giving support to an estimated 315,000 working age carers in the UK. ‘Caring for carers: a UCU guide for members and reps’, gives an overview of the issues facing working carers, their rights and how branches can offer support to members who may have difficulty in managing their caring responsibilities with work responsibilities.


ACAS Working and caring: What are your rights?

Carers who are also employees do have statutory rights at work. One of the most important is the right to ask for flexible working – a request to change working patterns, such as hours, times or place of work (e.g. working from home), to better fit in with the demands of caring.


UCU Equality advice and guidance.

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Age discrimination
Disability discrimination
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Gender identity and sexual orientation discrimination
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Equality Act 2010

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