‘Representing Yourself’ Training Session

We have organised a ‘Representing Yourself’ training session for all members here at Surrey, facilitated by our UCU Regional Official. This session will help members learn effective strategies for dealing with difficult circumstances at work. The emphasis will be on resolving issues quickly and at the early stages.

Areas of focus will include:

Dealing with appraisal meetings
Dealing with intimidating behaviour at work
Being called as a witness at work
Negotiating flexible working
Applying for a promotion
How to submit an appeal

Details of the session:
Day: Wednesday
Week(s) : 14 
Date(s) : 07-12-2016  
Start Time : 10:00 
Finishing Time : 12:30 
Room : 03 DK 02
Please contact the Surrey UCU Branch Administrator if you would like to attend: cmaxfield@ucu.org.uk