Anne Milton, Conservative Party, RESPONSE TO BREXIT LETTER

Anne Milton, Conservative Party candidate for Guildford.


  1. This has been an issue of considerable discussion. The argument for including international students in net migration figures is that as they use local services they need to be counted in. However, they return home so are similarly counted out. I think there is much we need to do to change perceptions – international students are a positive contribution for us in Guildford but I know this message does not always come across.


2, 3, 4 and 5. The issues of home-rate tuition fees and visa-free access for EU students will be part of the Brexit negotiations. I know we all want to see EU nationals be able to stay and this is an issue I have raised and will continue to raise. There has been some discussion about alternative sources of funding other than raising tuition fees – Surrey is a good example of a University raising money through other sources.


  1. I would hope to see the continuation of Erasmus+ and other EU research funding. On this, Jo Johnson, UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, stated: “The referendum result does not affect students studying in the EU, beneficiaries of Erasmus+ or those considering applying in 2017. The UK’s future access to the Erasmus+ programme will be determined as a part of wider discussions with the EU.”


  1. All EU law will be passes over so employment rights will continue. We will be free to increase protections if we wish.