University of Surrey has the highest number of non-academics on salaries of over £100,000 a year but scores of redundancies amongst academics are being made to save staff costs

According to the Times Higher,

 The ratio of highly paid administrators/managers at Surrey is 6 or 7 times as high as at Imperial!   Imperial College London said that 28 of its non-academic staff earned at least £100,000 a year, compared with 291 academics, but it declined to list any of their salary bands. At the University of Leeds, 16 professional staff earned more than £100,000.

The University of Surrey had the highest number of non-academic staff on £100,000 or more a year (17), including the chief financial officer (£160,000 to £170,000) and the vice-president of marketing and communications (£120,000 to £130,000). Only 26 academics earned more than £100,000, Surrey said.