Open letter from the Surrey UCU Committee to the Director of HR, 26.03.20. For the attention of the Senior Management Team.

The Surrey UCU Committee appreciates that the situation over the last two weeks has been unprecedented and fast-moving.

As a result, on behalf of our members, we wish to seek immediate clarification, reassurance and guarantees on the following points:

1 That to protect those remaining on campus, the University will use all appropriate safety measures across workspaces as outlined in point 6.

2 That all staff should be given the time to learn the processes required for working at home, without requiring excessive hours of work or undue expectations being placed upon them, and that the University ensures that students are made aware of the constraints within which staff are operating during this period.

3 That the University should not penalise staff members because they cannot complete the normal responsibilities of their job remotely, due to either the nature of their duties or due to personal circumstances including distress and stress caused by Covid-19 related concerns, caring responsibilities, or the fact that staff do not possess adequate access to personal technology or internet facilities. Staff are doing the best they can.

4 That the University will develop a working from home allowance to cover increased use of phones and other utilities, where necessary.

5 That the University will ensure there is no financial detriment, in terms of loss of contractual pay, hourly paid work, or regular overtime, to any member of staff, regardless of
contract type or visa status, as a result of COVID-19-related closures, cancellations, or self-isolation.

6 That the University confirms that any period of COVID-19 related sick leave or self-isolation, regardless of contract type, will be covered by paid leave and will not count towards either occupational sick pay entitlement limits or any trigger points.

7 That the University will ensure staff who are unable to complete the normal responsibilities of their job due to additional care duties caused by COVID-19 (such as caring for ill family members or children who are at home during this pandemic period) will not be required to take unpaid leave or suffer any financial detriment.

8 That the University recognises that altering course delivery methods and moving course content online increases staff workload. It is not a simple substitution or ‘alternative’ process.

9 That changes to online delivery will be done on a ‘without prejudice’ basis: (i) without prejudice to future course delivery (ii) without prejudice to future collective bargaining on institutional recorded delivery policy

10 That the recorded content requested will not be used in future, for other purposes, without the consent of staff members.

11 That staff members can adopt and use alternative online delivery options to recorded lecture delivery.

12 That staff will retain all rights in relation to any materials prepared for online delivery.

We look forward to your response, which we will be circulating to Surrey UCU members.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Surrey UCU Committee